An analysis of the ten communication secrets of great leaders in the forbes article

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An analysis of the ten communication secrets of great leaders in the forbes article

Why do we work tirelessly on some projects, but put out little effort on others?

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders – Emergent Journal

Why do we stay at some jobs for decades, but leave others after only a few months or years? Organizational leaders often utilize motivation theories in determining how to motivate employees and increase job satisfaction.

While studying these needs over time, McClelland was able to divide them into three categories, the need for achievement, the need for power, and the need for affiliation. In its most general sense, the theory maintains that everyone has needs which fall into one or more of these three categories.

The motivation to fulfill these needs determines what people will choose to do Garrin, The ultimate goal of fulfilling these needs is what motivates us to act, and we will strive our hardest to meet those needs.

We will put out much effort on tasks that lead us to fulfilling needs, and we will put out little or no effort on tasks that are not related to our needs Garrin, Acquired Needs Theory is often applied to organizations as a way of increasing job performance and satisfaction. The theory states that if people can fulfill their needs through their work, they will be motivated to work and to work hard.

However, if they do not feel that they can fulfill their needs with their job, their motivation to do excellent work will decrease. The surest way to ensure high quality work, is to motivate employees by enabling them to fulfill their needs through the work that they do Lazaroiu, Achievers tend to set moderate goals for themselves.

This is because goals that are easily achieved are not satisfying to them, but at the same time, goals that are very difficult to achieve hold the risk of failure.

To satisfy this need in the work place employees must be able to take on responsibility and set their own goals.

They must be given creative freedom and recognizes for their achievements and accomplishments McClellands human motivation theory. They aspire to be figures of greatness and respect. To fulfill this need in the work place, individuals must have the ability to rise in influence. Fulfilling the need for power in the work place could also mean allowing employees to pitch ideas and give input that might influence the organization.

People with a need for power must feel as if they are in control, so letting them make decisions on their own and ensuring that they have some kind of influence is key. People with the need for affiliation are primarily motivated to develop and maintain positive relationships.

They want to have many friends and be liked by others. They also need a strong group affiliated. This can be achieved in the work place when employees are encouraged to have strong relationships with one another. Critical Analysis of Google Google is well-known, not only for its financial success and innovative products, but also for the way it treats its employees.

Google has been ranked among Fortunes top places to work for the last 10 years, and this year was ranked number one.

An analysis of the ten communication secrets of great leaders in the forbes article

Not only do Google employees experience a staggering number of luxury perks, but Google also strives to maintain a healthy and nurturing environment and workplace culture.

This facilitates the high job satisfaction that Google employees experience, and in turn, the success of the organization. And Google accomplishes this goal by making sure that whether an employee needs power, achievement or affiliation, those needs can be met on the job.

This does a lot more than just making Google a great place to work. It also means that Google employees love their jobs and put forth excellent work, and this employee excellence contributes to the success of the organization.

Beyond that, Google encourages achievement, even from its lowest level employees.iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to ForbesBooks Radio by Gregg Stebben and Kate Delaney, get iTunes Free. Talking About Great Leaders: Creating Conditions for Performance. June 4, Last year, a headline in Forbes: Why Trust is the New Core of Leadership.

The old power-based leadership model worked in the past, but A new analysis of over 24, leaders and workers from all around the globe shows female leaders, statistically, have an.

An analysis of the ten communication secrets of great leaders in the forbes article

Cain urges changes at the workplace, in schools, and in parenting; offers advice to introverts for functioning in an extrovert-dominated culture; and offers advice in communication, work, and relationships between people of differing temperament. Good communication and leadership skills are essential if you want to be a productive, effective manager.

It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about what you do; you must also be able to share your knowledge with the people you manage. Apr 04,  · It is precisely this paradox that underscores the need for leaders to focus on becoming great communicators.

Effective communication is an essential component of professional success whether it is at the interpersonal, inter-group, intra-group, organizational, or external level.

Jun 27,  · Leaders must be able to adapt based on the group they are communicating with at the time. Effective communication skills are an important aspect of .

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