Article analysis venzuela food shortage

Read by 34, people The entire Los Angeles metropolitan area and most of Southern California can expect blackouts this summer.

Article analysis venzuela food shortage

Meat, fish, fruits, sugar and bread. The government just doesn't have enough money to pay for them.

Blackout: California In Power Grid Emergency: "All Customers Should Expect 14 Days Without Power"

It's created a staggering humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, where citizens don't have enough food to eat. Looting and riots have rocked the country. The declines in exports of certain food categories are staggering. Venezuela likely gets food from other countries that were excluded from this analysis.

Venezuelans "can't buy bread and meat and all you can really get is cereals -- the really, really basic stuff," says Chris Rogers, a research analyst at Panjiva.

Article analysis venzuela food shortage

Venezuela's cash could run out 'within a year' Venezuela's economy has plunged into a deep recession and the country is fast running out of cash.

The key problem behind Venezuela's inability to pay its bills is that the value of its currency, the bolivar, has plummeted dramatically in the last couple of years. That's made paying for food imports prohibitively expensive. It's not a political thing.

The Venezuelans just don't have the money," says Rogers. Venezuela trades oil for food with Jamaica However, exports of a handful of basic foods did go up.

Panjiva's numbers parallel other, broader estimates. Venezuela's government doesn't publish reliable import data. Venezuela is the world's worst-performing economy this year, according to the IMF. The government seems to have prioritized its debt payments over food shortages. Venezuelans wait in lines outside supermarkets often for hours only to find empty shelves.

It's hard to find bread, eggs and other basic items. The country is also short on basic medicinesleaving some to die in hospitals and many to languish without proper treatment. Venezuela decree amounts 'to forced labor' It's an especially tragic situation because Venezuela has more oil reserves than any other country in the world.

Plus one of its neighbors, Brazil, is among the world's top food exporters. Venezuela has denied food and humanitarian aid from groups like Amnesty International and the United Nations.

Amnesty officials contest that the government doesn't want to accept aid because that would make the government look inadequate.

Despite its focus on debt payments, Venezuela is actually struggling to pay those bills too. In April, Schlumberger, which provides oil-drilling equipment and technology, said it would lower its services to Venezuela due to unpaid bills.

Venezuela food crisis deepens as shipments plummet

With less drilling capability, Venezuela's oil production has fallen to a year low. Now Venezuela's government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, is trying to revamp the country's agricultural sector, which long lacked significant investment, to address the food shortages, experts say.

Maduro issued a decree in July that would force citizens to work on state-owned farms for up to 60 days and perhaps longer "if circumstances merit.The entire Los Angeles metropolitan area and most of Southern California can expect blackouts this summer. The power grid is under direct threat as a result of the unprecedented, but little reported, massive natural gas leaks at Alisco Canyon that was ongoing .

A man shouts during a protest over food shortage and against Venezuela's government in Caracas on June Marco Bello/Reuters. Venezuela's economic collapse has led to mass hunger in the country.

Tebie Gonzalez poses for a portrait with her husband Ramiro Ramirez and their two-year-old son Sebastian with the food and supplies they bought the previous day in Colombia, at their home in San Cristobal, Venezuela, Monday, July 18, Founded: Sep 18, Shortages in Venezuela of regulated food staples and basic necessities have been widespread following the enactment of price controls and other policies under the government of Hugo Chávez and exacerbated by the policy of withholding United States dollars from importers under the .

With poor use of income from oil and inflation rising ( 4% in April, whilst food prices rising to 6. 4%,) along with the scarce domestic production of food and dependents on imports, paves a bleak future on food shortages in Venezuela.

Venezuela; Why Is Venezuela in Crisis? Why Is Venezuela in Crisis? Much of it is due to government blundering.

But opposition protests, often violent, and destabilization from .

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