Business planning and consolidation bookshelves

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Business planning and consolidation bookshelves

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Cat Alford When my husband and I decided to start a family, I approached the process like I do everything in my life, with careful planning and research. If I was going to bring a child into this world, I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to have a savings account in place, and I wanted to make sure not to go back into credit card debt after successfully pulling myself out of it.

The problem was that every time I asked someone how much money I should save for a baby, everyone had a different answer. Not only did they have different answers, their answers were on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Many of my friends just seemed to wing it or put their expenses on a credit card to worry about later.

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So, since no one seemed to be able to give me a number, I set out to find the number on my own. I ended up being pregnant with multipleswhich required far more exams, ultrasounds, and tests than the average single pregnancy.

If parents want to prepare fully in this department, I would recommend having your health insurance deductible and out of pocket max ready to use in a savings account. If that is not possible try to save as much as you comfortably can.

Feel free to adjust this number up or down depending on your own situation. The Nursery, Clothing, and Other Gear Someone will likely throw you a baby shower for your first baby.

business planning and consolidation bookshelves

At this baby shower, you will likely get most of the clothing, car seats, high chairs, and nursery items that you need. I found my changing table for free on Craigslist, and our cribs were from Wal-Mart.

Obviously you can spend as much or as little as you like here, but brand new babies really do not need that much. Instead, they buy a bassinet and place it next to their beds. If you can let go of the idea of having the perfect designer nursery, you can really save. However, if you want to save money for this just in case, you should also include the cost for wipes and various medicines and diaper creams to fight diaper rash if your baby gets it.

Feeding Your Baby Many people like to say that breastfeeding is free, but there are costs associated with it. I used Target gift cards I got from my shower to buy maternity tanks, maternity bras, creams, etc. I also bought a pump and storage containers for breast milk.

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Some people choose not to pump at all but I had to since my twins were in the NICU for two weeks unable to breastfeed.Question Answer; 1. What is the Honors College? The Honors College of Shaw University is an academic enrichment program that nurtures excellence in select students who are highly motivated, talented and gifted, and who demonstrate a commitment to the learning process in reaching their potential to become scholars, leaders and role models.

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Finally, The Actual Amount You Should Save for a Baby

A debt consolidation loan streamlines existing debts into one new loan. Most unsecured consumer debt can be consolidated, including credit cards, medical bills, utility bills, payday loans, student loans, taxes and bills sent to a collection one monthly payment instead of several can make it easier to get your finances in order .

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