Case study cole tek inc succession planning

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Case study cole tek inc succession planning

The paper as titled strategic resource management focuses on four main aspects, which include human resource management, management of physical resource marketing and information system respectively. The company produces wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, which are sold in over countries.

The chain of production of Coca-Cola products has to do with the company producing concentrate and distributing it to its bottling companies for final production and distribution to final consumers, the bottling companies usually sale the product to retail stores, vending machines and individuals directly in some cases.

Managing the most important asset of the company will eventually help and foster the company to achieve its underline objectives; the company has total staff strength of aboutoperating across the world.

Effective management of Human capital of such number will ensure productivity and will enhance the market share value likewise it will reinforce the company against its competitors, which are some of its objectives.

The divers cultural, political and economical differences most be address, human resource management play a vital role in dealing with such divers differences in it proceedings for recruitment, performance management, career development, employee management, succession planning to mention few.

Some of their duties include employee recruiting, employee retention, employee development, succession planning, working environment, compensation, benefits as well as Case study cole tek inc succession planning mobility. On this the HR are on constant consultation with operating managers on issues relating to recruitment needs, existing gaps and how to close them up.

Furthermore, the Coca-Cola Company values its employee as its best asset. The company operate globally to fit in the local needs, rules, regulations, laws and culture.

This is the reason the company employ many local staffs to operate in their locals. According to the Director Human Resource Coca-cola Northwest Europeans division the company strive to limit international employees on field and focus on involving the locals because the locals are more well equipped to carry out operations at their localities.

Nevertheless, the need for expertise is still important for two good reasons. First is to fill the need for any specific skills that might not be available in the location. A clear example is when the company set up a new operations in some Eastern European countries, there was need for a well experience financial manager which the company had to provide form Chicago.

Second reason is for employee development, there are some top positions that required international expertise. The Coca-Cola Company recruits aboutstaffs in around countries and still maintain a strong commitment of ensuring equal opportunities is being given to all employees as well as valuing their diversity.

The Coca-Cola Company also try its best in maintaining a good working environment free of discrimination and harassment of any kind.

The company values its employee as its best and most valuable asset. The retention strategy here has to do with the benefits employee drive form working in the company, over the past century employee of this company have been working with unfailing set of values to help the company in achieving its goals and objectives.

Coca-Cola Company provides its employee with a satisfactory wages and salaries aside from the basic amenities and facilities they are being provided with and the company embraces its employee development strategy by making their dreams come true in the sense that, the company are involved in some many innovative programs that encourage and support employee to do better.

This policy of valuing its employee as its best asset seem to be in other words the retention strategy being used to motivate and hold employee within the company. The selection processes differs with the nature of the job candidate applied for, although the company uses a sequence series of Interview, Group exercises, presentations, Psychometric exam and Situational exams.

It is expected of an applicant to be honest and logical in answering those questions, the group excises is basically more of a team work. Furthermore, the psychometric test is designed to test applicant abilities and potentials in some occasions the company uses a personality tool to find some certain things on the applicant.

Case study cole tek inc succession planning

Lastly is the situational exercise which is designed to test applicants reactions to different types of situations, in this regards applicant are being exposed to different kinds of situations and are being observe on how they react, this will determine the kind of positions they are suited for.

Techniques used to develop employee in Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company as mentioned earlier value its employee as its best and most important assets, this is why the company the company develop and reward them with a favourable working environment where they can excel in their various performance, develop their professional skills and finally help them in achieving their career goal.

The performance of employees is being monitored using a form called the IPO Individual Performance Objectivesemployee are being reviewed using this form at mid-year and end of year performance check and performance appraisal respectively which are letter joined up to determine the total business objectives.

The Company operate under combined structured learning system, coaching, trainings and feedback. This is also to ensure that employees are capable enough to discharge their duties in customer relations as well as career goals, the company operate a philosophy known as 70 20 10 philosophy.

At Coca-Cola Company a career is considered to be a journey through which employee progress with roles and regulations set within the company, progression not just about getting promotion but about building experience and capability.

Contribution of techniques to employee engagement According to Cole Effective Strategies an HRM department must used to support the achievement of organisational strategy to help the Company in achieving its goals and objectives.

These employees also represent the company in their various environments as Coca-Cola ambassadors where ever they are. As one of its objective is to create good and supporting working environments that are as diverse as the operation centres across the world.

The company provide its employee with multiple development opportunities, which includes learning and development programs, coca-cola university and other training rendered as well. Creating frequent dialogue with different employees around the world, this is to foster open communication, cycle of ideas and to encourage teamwork.

These are classified into primary, secondary stakeholders and key stakeholders.Succession Planning is the link between strategic planning and workforce planning, wherefore distinctive corporate objectives must be explored and analyzed in order to reengineer workforce planning for preparation of people to take over leadership batons at various levels of an organisation.

Succession Planning Case Study Title: Case Studies - Succession Planning Author: Joe Minaudo Created Date: 2/15/ PM. Case Study: Succession Planning – Construction Subcontractor The Client.

A successful Construction Subcontractor was operating from a small space in Calgary AB with the owners son working part time in the business, supplying services to residential and commercial construction businesses.

Case Studies, Succession Planning In this case study of a manufacturing family business, you can see the challenges, the solution and the steps we went through to provide a workable plan and peace of kaja-net.comon: West Pender Street Vancouver, BC, V6E 4A4 Canada.

The Wilson Organization (TWO) was asked how leadership training at all levels – and particularly “soft skills” – facilitates the design of a visionary Succession Plan? Background: This is a professional services company that invests in periodic training of front-line, mid-level and senior management staff, training comes from a variety of resources beginning with internal training by.

The process of succession planning at the most senior levels is less clear. There is the potential for this lack of clarity to demotivate peole within this talent pool.

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