Cdf best practices

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Cdf best practices

Best Practices Conventions While netCDF is intended for "self-documenting data", it is often necessary for data writers and readers to agree upon attribute conventions and representations for discipline-specific data structures. These agreements are written up as human readable documents called netCDF conventions.

Use an existing Convention if possible. See the list of registered conventions. The CF Conventions are recommended where applicable, especially for gridded model datasets.

Document the convention you are using by adding the global attribute "Conventions" to each netCDF file, for example: This document refers to conventions for the netCDF classic data model.

Cdf best practices

Coordinate Systems A coordinate variable is a one-dimensional variable with the same name as a dimension, which names the coordinate values of the dimension. A two-dimensional variable of type char is a string-valued coordinate variable if it has the same name as its first dimension, e.

A variable's coordinate system is the set of coordinate variables used by the variable. Coordinates that refer to physical space are called spatial coordinates, ones that refer to physical time are called time coordinates, ones that refer to either physical space or time are called spatio-temporal coordinates.

Make coordinate variables for every dimension possible except for string length dimensions. Use an existing netCDF Convention for your coordinate variables, especially to identify spatio-temporal coordinates.

Use shared dimensions to indicate that two variables use the same coordinates along that dimension. If two variables' dimensions are not related, create separate dimensions for them, even if they happen to have the same length.

Variable Grouping You may structure the data in a netCDF file in different ways, for example putting related parameters into a single variable by adding an extra dimension.

Standard visualization and analysis software may have trouble breaking that data out, however. On the other extreme, it is possible to create different variables e.

However, standard visualization and analysis software may have trouble grouping that data back together. Here are some guidelines for deciding how to group your data into variables: All of the data in a variable must be of the same type and should have the same units of measurement.

A variable's attributes should be applicable to all its data. If possible, all of the coordinate variables should be spatio-temporal, with no extra dimensions. Use 4D spatio-temporal coordinate systems in preference to 3D.

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Use 3D spatio-temporal coordinate systems in preference to 2D. There are trade-offs between putting vectors in the same variables vs. Check that any visualization software you plan to use can deal with the structure you choose. Think in terms of complete coordinate systems especially spatio-temporaland organize your data into variables accordingly.

Variables with the same coordinate system implicitly form a group.

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Variable Attributes For each variable where it makes sense, add a units attribute, using the udunits conventions, if possible. This could be used for labeling plots, for example. Strings and Variables of type char NetCDF-3 does not have a primitive String type, but does have arrays of type char, which are 8 bits in size.

The main difference is that Strings are variable length arrays of chars, while char arrays are fixed length. Software written in C usually depends on Strings being zero terminated, while software in Fortran and Java do not.

Do not use char type variables for numeric data, use byte type variables instead. Consider using a global Attribute instead of a Variable to store a String applicable to the whole dataset. When you want to store arrays of Strings, use a multidimensional char array.

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