Christian faith as means of coping with nothingness

In our present epoch, reason has become like a tyrant that disdains any collaborative relationship with faith. The ancient fathers understood that reason has its proper role but only in the hands of faith. Further along in chapter five I turn to St.

Christian faith as means of coping with nothingness

It delves into the Hebrew Bible and Hellenistic roots of the classical Christian tradition that God is utterly unlike anything in creation.

Christian faith as means of coping with nothingness

God is literally nothing — no-thing. God is not an object in the world; not a being. God does not exist in a manner like anything else but in a fundemantally different, unique mode. Indeed, some orthodox strands of the Christian tradition went so far as to deny the category of existence to God because that would put God on the same level as creation.

Literally nothing can be known of God-in-Godself. Must confess that I find myself squirming at this point. But those who took this view were also adamant that we do indeed know the works of God in creation — we are not agnostic about that. We know that God rescued Israel from Egypt, that God-made-flesh died on the cross for sin, and so on.

We can know the Trinity in the divine economy of salvation. But I am still squirming.

Christian faith as means of coping with nothingness

Of course, there is a high degree of agnosticism we must have about the immanent Trinity but if the economic Trinity is a real revelation of God it must tell us something about God-in-Godself.

So the church today, especially evangelicalism, needs a lot more agnosticism about God. That, I fear, may be to saw off the branch we are sitting on.If a Christian fears the possibility of nothingness after death, this would be more based in their fear that religion is false, and would show through doubting their faith.

It simply means that God reconciled my doubts and apprehensions. 56 Views · View Upvoters. As a Christian, do you fear the possibility of nothingness after death.

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Brought from Africa to America, I will consider Christian faith as means of coping with nothingness, rather than a pious way of life. While making references to Anne Bradstreet s similar development. Home Dealing with Doubt in Our Christian Faith, April 30, July 15, Dr.

Michael Gleghorn points out that it is not having doubts about our Christian faith that is an issue, but rather how we respond to that doubt. Theology and Christian Faith. God and Nothingness: Thinking God out of Existence?

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