If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity for 3rd

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If i lived in a snowglobe writing activity for 3rd

My favorite writing activity of the year! I love all things winter, add in some glitter and you have a project that is sure to be a hit! I did this project with my students last year, and the haunted houses I did this year was a play on this snow globe writing activity.

They write about what they would see, feel and do if they lived in a snow globe. I began by building some background knowledge. Living in Central Florida, a vast majority of my students have never seen real snow. We talked about what they knew about snow and winter.

They said that it was cold and wet. I then had them describe what they had seen or heard that lead them to believe that snow was cold. They made connections to movies or TV shows they had seen that had people wearing coats, gloves, etc.

They talked about it getting so cold that you can see your breath. They also talked about Christmas lights shining on the sparkly snow. Some of them even captured that in their snow globes! To enrich this introduction lesson, I read them a couple of short books that were set in snowy settings.

This is a wonderful classic! I was even able to find a claymation version of this on YouTube to show my class! This book is beautifully illustrated. It was a wonderful read. The best part about this book After reading these books and brainstorming some great descriptive phrases and words, we spent day 2 writing rough drafts.

We then wrote our final copies on the layered booklets, cut out the globes and bases and let the fun begin! After drawing and coloring, they outlined their pictures with extra fine point black Sharpie markers.

if i lived in a snowglobe writing activity for 3rd

I managed to control the chaos and keep the glitter on the tiles. Glitter just seems to make everything better.

Mrs. Bremer's Class: The Snow Globe Family {FREEBIE PACK}

Normal snow scenes are transformed into magical fantasy lands! A snow globe base. Final copy of the flip book placed on the base. To get just the right size "globe" I used an Easter bucket I bought from Target a couple of years ago.

I actually used it for a game at the Spring Carnival during my first year teaching.Kelley Anderson is an artist based in Memphis, TN. The imagery and ideas in her work conjure up Gram parson’s “cosmic American music” – a blend of blues, country, and gritty rock’n’roll blended into a sound that is uniquely her own.

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Dec 31,  · Tell your kiddos that they will using their imaginations to think of what it would be like to live in a snow kaja-net.com: Tori's Teacher Tips.

IF I LIVED IN A SNOW GLOBE I created this template for a winter writing activity I did with my first grade students. by sandy on kaja-net.com This freebie includes: *Writing prompt for writing for an imaginative narrative about being trapped inside a snow globe *graphic organizers *Writing paper 38, Downloads If I Were In A Snow Globe Writing Prompt and Graphic Organizers4/5().

Snow Globe Art Activity Lesson Plan Grade Level: Two Subject: Visual Arts scene that depicts what they would do if they lived in a snow globe (they will even Once they have finished writing down their ideas and have their picture taken.

Writing Rubrics Writing Activities Teaching writing Writing Workshop Writing ideas Teaching Ideas Kindergarten Writing Rubric Writing Process Posters Paragraph writing Forward The writing rubric would be an excellent idea to have hanging in the classroom for the students to reference to while doing in class writing activities.

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