Littlefield executive summary

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Littlefield executive summary

Littlefield executive summary

What is cyber terrorism? Conclusion and suggestions moving forward 7. Executive Summary A number of terrorist incidents over the past 20 years have resulted in a large amount of concern, research and action against acts of terrorism within our cyber space.

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As we continually move into a society ever more reliant on technology, the threat posed to nations from terrorists is no longer just physical but also expands to our digital world. This work aims to provide readers with an understanding as to what cyber terrorism is, its causes and the strategic approaches in Littlefield executive summary to prevent damage caused by it.

Littlefield executive summary

Its aim is to not address exclusively the current nature of cyber crime, but to provide an overall perspective of cyber terrorism in all its facets over a larger time scale. This report covers literature from academic texts, books and news articles over the past 20 years.

Key findings This report concludes the following key messages essential to understanding cyber terrorism whilst supporting current and future methods of prevention: Introduction The act of terrorism is one of the most concerning and important areas of security for all national states.

As discussed by Garrisonterrorism has a history of over years, dating back to 48 AD whereby the Jewish resistance group Sicarii-Zealots carried out attacks against Romans. These campaigns involved the infiltration of Roman cities to assassinate and kidnap Jewish collaborators and Roman soldiers Hudson, More recently, the terror attacks on the United States of America on September 11th and others across the world before that, pose a long lasting threat to the world by groups of individuals with particular motivations, willing to cause harm to innocent civilians to promote their cause.

Because of this, it is evermore important that we protect ourselves against these threats by understanding their means and implementing security against attacks.

Many of these terrorist groups seek to inflict harm in many differing forms, that being both physically and digitally. As technology progresses, the growing risk of cyber terrorism is more apparent. Addressing the challenges surrounding cyber terrorism, current control of the threat and discussing methods improving the response to this form of cyber crime.

The report seeks to provide a general understanding of cyber terrorism in all forms, detailing previous events in order to understand its causes and preventions from a strategic perspective. This report is structured into three sections. Additionally discussing methods and potential threats.

Whilst also discussing prevention and mitigation of attacks in the future. What is Cyber Terrorism? There is often a large amount of confusion as to what cyber terrorism is.

More specifically, what cyber attacks can we actually define as acts of terrorism?´╗┐Executive Summary Our team operated and managed the Littlefield Technologies facility over the span of simulated days.

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Information and news regarding the United States federal and state gun laws. Littlefield Simulation Executive Report Arlene Myers: Rubing Mo: Brent Devenne: Miyaoka Scenario, Re: Littlefield Technology Simulation Game: Inventory Management Executive Summary At the onset of the game, we determined there were a few key things that had to be addressed to succeed.

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