My experiences and times at the local gym

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My experiences and times at the local gym

My local gym and go to Spa I live in the locality and Wildmoor is my local gym and spa.


First off, Wildmoor is set in a little area surrounded by some greenery, trees and even a little duck house which makes you feel that you're in the country somewhere to be able to forget about the troubles of the world.

There's plenty of parking and even an on site valet service. Now, I use this place as my gym. The Gym is excellent with lots of machines and free weights, and has just recently had a makeover which has helped it some what.

It's pretty relaxed at most points with access to all machines pretty much at any time, but does get busy at the usual peak times. WIldmoor has a massive pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room, which are truly lovely and just what you need after some exercise.

As for the Spa, I have had a couple of treatments from Elemis Therapists and I have to say that the treatments are superb and the staff always friendly and talkative.

What I would say however is that Wildmoor is trying to be a 5 Star Spa Retreat and it fails in places. I used to manage a 5 Star Resort and Spa, so on a personal level I feel like I can critique to a point.

It let's itself down on simple things.

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The main "eatery" area is always messy. On a busy day I have seen the plates and cups pile up. The staff at the Eatery aren't overly friendly either from what I can see.

Where you have your lunch is in the main thoroughfare area which those just using the gym have to walk through, so when you're sat there in your towel and slippers after just having a facial, it's not really that relaxing.

My experiences and times at the local gym

The changing rooms really lack in places with some broken doors, and lockers without hangers. My biggest bug bear is that those who h ave a membership can have a platinum membership which guarantees them a locker and robes, so trying to find a free locker at times is a nightmare, and sometimes they're just left open with robes and other peoples clothes in.

The relax area where you wait before your treatment is quite pleasant, but again, isn't staffed or catered for enough in my opinion. On the times I have been in there, there are always empty water glasses and the room in slight dissaray, The treatment rooms are very pleasant also and the treatments fantastic, You also get an opportunity to buy authorised spa products after your treatment which are displayed very nicely.

For a whole Spa Day, I probably wouldn't recommend it unless you are in the local area as it doesn't have that Spa Day Feel. As a Gym, it's pretty much everything you need and I wouldn't change it. If they could fix the aforementioned bug bears, it would be a place that could really compete.Heart-rehab patients hit their local gym February 3, Cardiac-rehab patient Doug Hunter raises his arms in triumph to celebrate his progress in the AHS Cardiac Community Rehabilitation Program at the City of Edmonton’s Clareview Community Recreation Centre.

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