Nokia how to motivate their employees

Humility, because I know how important the company is to so many people around the world. This starts in Finland, our headquarters and home, but goes well beyond to those many places where the Nokia brand remains such an important symbol. Respect, because I have learned the power of what is at the heart of Nokia. These words and others have defined the company and, in turn, have partly defined me.

Nokia how to motivate their employees

Send to Kindle Hi everyone. Instead, my one-and-only darling wife. Apart from being an all-round hottie, she has been studying a post-graduate business course at University.

The content of this post is one of her papers that when I read it, found it to be a really excellent piece of work.

Her lecturer agreed too — and awarded it a high distinction. Now the reason that I am posting this to the CleverWorkarounds blog is she really did some serious research, and I ended up reading a lot of the material too. If you liked that stuff, you may find some stuff here you like also.

If you want to see where our thinking has evolved in this area, I suggest you take a look at my book: The Heretics Guide to Management. That really nails the true skills one needs for global managers!

So without further adieu, I present to you her paper, examining what skills and competencies that global managers require to operate in an increasingly complex and dynamic global environment.

Please let me know what you think of it. Introduction Traditional business methods are being made redundant by the surge of globalization. Managers who continue to practice their traditional managerial skills long gained in business schools are finding themselves ineffective in the global environment.

Nokia how to motivate their employees

In such a world only the ones who understand the impact globalisation wreaks and thus adapt accordingly will survive. Thus to be competitive in the global marketplace the traditional managers must transcend and become global managers. A literature review has been undertaken to identify the global mindset, and the skills and competencies essential to the global managers.

From the numerous frameworks, this paper proposes a new framework design consisting of 1 knowledge competencies; 2 interpersonal competencies; and 3 personal competencies. Skills and competencies within these groups are interdependent of each other suggesting that the development of one group cannot exist without the other.

Global Managers Prior to framing the skills and competencies necessary to becoming effective global managers, it is essential to understand who and what are global managers. There are numerous literature and studies available on this topic and yet there appears to be no consensus towards a unified definition.

It is through the roles and functions of the incumbent that competencies are derived from. However, due to the divergence of the definition of the global manager, the roles and functions that set them apart from domestic managers have also not been clearly clarified and agreed upon.

The different roles ascribed to the global managers offered by Bartlett and Ghoshaland Caligiuri are outlined in Table 1. Thus emerges the differing frameworks of competencies of the global manager.

Two existing sets of roles ascribed to the global manager Contrary to popular perception, Bartlett and Ghoshaland Baruch controversially argue that the universal global manager does not exist. Bartlett and Ghoshal instead identified three groups of specialists the business managers, the country managers, and the functional managers with different organisational goals and roles working together in the global market, and being lead and integrated by the corporate managers.

The authors accepted that these roles are not practised by the traditional managers. Baruch reports that there are no common traits or qualities that can assist in identifying the global manager.

This distinction contradicts their argument of non-existence of the global manager. According to Jokinen these differentiations do indeed characterise the widely accepted term of the global manager. They are expected to fulfil critical roles such as integrator, coordinator, innovator, coach, and strategist AycanSmart companies are increasingly looking to technology to deliver an employee experience that empowers the workforce and improves the physical and financial well-being of employees and their .

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I wasn’t looking to spend quite that much but after playing with the model in the store, I probably would’ve caved if one was in stock. Nokia motivates employees by providing rewards according to their performance.

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We live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and greater transparency have combined to upend the business environment and give many CEOs a deep sense of unease. Employee appreciation programs or events.

Say “thank you” to your employees with a motivational and enjoyable program that benefits them personally and professionally, and enhances their .

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