Secondary 2 essay questions

Before this, it was a plant that was highly used for its industrial, medical, and spiritual value. But at the beginning of the century, it was thrown into the group of Class 1 drugs, meaning that it had a relatively high rate of abuse, and was not accepted to have any medical value. This class of drugs also includes such illegal drugs as LSD and heroin.

Secondary 2 essay questions

Describe the origin and development of your motivation to be a physician, your prior experiences in health care, steps taken to explore a career in medicine, your eventual goals as a physician, and other issues of importance.

Even from the conception of my professional dream of being a physician inI have always desired to be in an environment that will provide me with the best challenges. This is evident in the manner of my volunteering responsibilities and physician shadowing, as a neurological laboratory intern, and as a cancer cell laboratory research intern in Of special note here is my experience as a community service volunteer in Ecuador, in August ofespecially since it is through this experience that I had been made aware of the practical fact that the medical competence of any team will be compromised with insufficient facilities and equipments such as the number of operating rooms, lack of sterile gowns, and generally a lack of surgical instruments.

How have your experiences prepared you Secondary 2 essay questions be a physician? I can proudly declare my single-mindedness in pursuing to be a physician. This can be evidenced in all of the academic, intern, and volunteering tasks that I have endeavored in the past years such as in Mount Sinai School of Medicine in shadowing for colorectal surgeon Dr.

Steinhagen, as a camp counselor at the summer camp with young adults with Down Syndrome inmy volunteering at the University of Washington Bone and Joint Surgery Center in shadowing for Dr.

Chansky, as a community service medical volunteer in Ambato, Ecuador into my more recent task as a cancer cell laboratory research intern at Central Washington University of the present year, among others. What perspectives or experiences do you bring that would enrich the class?

It is generally expected that the University of Washington Medical School will always have students who are competently trained and well prepared to face the challenges of their life goals. However, it is also true that not everybody has experienced being trained to perform optimally under limited resources and in a foreign environment.

Also, I deem it special to having been expected to provide optimal results eight to ten hours a day, continuously for two weeks, and with very limited medical resources in providing medical assistance to the said community.

As such, while each aspirant in the said university may be as competent as the others in the class, the sacrifices I have made in my volunteer works outside of my comfort zone will allow me to make contributions that are uniquely my own. Among others, this includes an advocacy towards the less fortunate, especially those who need the most of what professional help we can offer as physicians.

What obstacles have you experienced and how have you overcome them? Among all the responsibilities that I have encountered in my medical training, two have been especially challenging. First of these is my task as a Neurological laboratory research intern at Central Washington University, wherein my main responsibility was to design and execute experimental objectives involving qualitative and quantitative analysis of distorted neurons due to the inhibition of a specific protein pathway.

Another was my task as a Cancer Cell Laboratory Intern also at the same university, whereby the experiment involved cell passaging, UV irradiance and antioxidant treatments, and cell viability counts.

What were generally challenging in these tasks were the very limited deadlines, meeting budget requirements, maintaining the focus of group members at high levels, and finding solutions when results of experiments did not provide us with the desired results.

In all of these challenges, my point of approach had always been to focus my attention at the individual strengths of my group members, knowing fully-well of their individuality and each of their areas of specialization.

Secondary 2 essay questions

Admittedly, I have adapted this technique from my physician-mentors; those whom I have shadowed in all the years of my training in the field of medicine.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 1. Gaps in Academic Record. Were there any gaps in time, post-secondary school, or greater than one month duration, except summer vacations, that are not accounted for anywhere else on your application?

The gap in my academic record occurred during the Fall of This had been unavoidable given the circumstance that I had a sever flu which necessitated me to be absent from classes in numerous instances, and that I was in the process of moving.

Secondary 2 essay questions

In addition, these problems had likewise resulted to having difficulties in O-Chem 1, although in Physics I the situation was not very dire. As such, I made a decision to leave school for a quarter in order for me to prepare well for O-Chem 1.

During this time, I pursued to read numerous literatures on medical science, and I also took advantage to immerse in brain science and different study techniques. As a consequence of this gap in academic record, over the succeeding quarters I attempted to implement what I have learned and as a result I greatly improved in O-Chem 1 and in Physics.

What makes you unique, someone who will add to the Mount Sinai community?Typical Mistakes Many Applicants Make With Their Secondary Applications. MomMD - an online community providing information, resources and advice for women, especially mothers, in medicine.

Meet other physicians, residents, premed and medical students bala. General essay topics The ILETS exam have a number of general essay topics that span a number of disciplines ad subject matters.

To have an idea of what to expect check out our list of general essay topics. students to write an argumentative, five-paragraph essay on the question, “Was the Civil War a war for freedom?” reasons with evidence from primary and secondary sources. The Essay Preparation Guide (CW) contains a chart of student definitions of these essay terms.

The form of the essay and the instructional scaffolds in this. 5 Tips for Medical School Secondary Applications There is no rest for the medical school applicant!

A few weeks after you submit your AMCAS application, med schools will start mailing secondary applications, composed primarily of a short list of essay questions.

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COMMON CORE Question Stems for Secondary ELA-- + Stems & Essay Prompts In this document, you will find over sample question stems to use as templates for close reading that will target the Common Core while simultaneously encouraging critical thinking about fiction and non-fiction.

Exam paper questions are never random. When you examine old test papers, the same topics come up regularly. Each time there is a question in an old school exam paper give another point ; If your child comes back from their Secondary 1 or Secondary 2 exam in an agitated state and tells you that they failed, then the chances are that the.

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