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Tweet Songwriting competitions provide networking opportunities and inspiration for your work. Here's a list of great competitions to further your songwriting career.

Songwriting and composing magazine

New songs and artiste performances are the "life blood" of the music industry. Production companies, production library publishers, radio, tv, film, audio-visual, advertising, multimedia and games industries world wide are always seeking quality tracks for programming and use.

songwriting and composing magazine

If you perform a song or composition, written by yourself, in any venue you could be due a payment for your songwriting performances.

This counts for any genre of music so if you are playing a gig in your local pub, community centre, hotel, in a club, or a jazz recital or performing your classical piece at a music society, you can make a claim for royalties for your songwriting performances. However there are different rights of assignments that songwriters and composers can be offered and enter into, being administration agreements, co-publishing agreements, income participation agreements, agreement to represent your catalogue of self published works, self pubshing agreements, step deals, and of course you could be party to a deal that affects your royalty income where any publisher that you have signed to under a traditional type of agreement where the publisher assigns their catalogue of works to another publisher under a sub-publishing deal.

“Honey & Lemon: It Heals My Flu or Cold”

The Guild can help members with any agreements that have been offered in terms of understanding the fairness of terms and conditions contained in any agreement and the agreements suitability for your purposes.

If you are unfamiliar with the workings of The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society MCPS or your right to receive royalties from your songwriting, composing or you wish to make contact with production music library companies, then as a Guild member we can help.

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Is a drink of honey and lemon really the holy grail for your singing voice? Nutritionist Sharon Zarabi evaluates the claims.

A combination of vocal practice, travel, lack of sleep and demanding performances ahead have left you desperate for a treatment for your voice. What’s the secret to writing a hit song?

Honey & Lemon for Singers: Fact from Fiction - VoiceCouncil Magazine

It’s as simple as ! Innovative, practical, and inspiring, Six Steps to Songwriting Success presents a surefire step-by-step approach to mastering the elements consistently found in hit songs. Author Jason Blume, a songwriter with the rare distinction of having had songs on the Country, Pop, and R&B charts simultaneously, has packed this.

The Assignment, co-starring Antu Yacob, will run for two-weeks at Luna Stage in West Orange, New Jersey, beginning on Thursday, November 29, This upcoming minute webinar, presented by SongwriterLink in partnership with Songwriting Magazine, sees author Friedemann Findeisen sharing his hook-writing tips 12/09/ Songwriting tips: Five ways to capture song ideas.

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