Summary of first gulf war essay

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Summary of first gulf war essay

The war began because of several crises stemming from the Iran-Iraq War of — The Iran-Iraq War ended on August 8, Iraq was left with huge debts, largely to other Arab nations that had helped to finance the war, and extensive material damage; however, the Iraqi military had benefited from the war by becoming the strongest military force in the Gulf region.

Immediately following the cessation of the Iran-Iraq War, the Kuwaiti government made the disastrous decision to increase its oil production in violation of OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreements. The Kuwaitis increased oil extraction from the Rumaila oil wells, which lay on disputed territory with neighboring Iraq.

Iraqi revenues were 90 percent dependent on oil, and the Kuwaiti increase in oil production helped to lower oil prices and slowly began to strangle Iraq economically. Until the early 20th century Kuwait had been a semi-independent emirate administered from Baghdad under the Ottoman Empire.

During the 19th century British influence in the Gulf and in Kuwait in particular increased, and after World War I Britain was responsible for drawing the borders between the two nations. Although Iraq ultimately established diplomatic relations with Kuwait, many Iraqis continued to view it as part of Iraq.

However, Kuwait not only refused to cancel the debt, it demanded its immediate repayment. Kuwait had greater strategic access to the Persian Gulf, which Iraq viewed as essential were hostilities to erupt again with Iran.

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He also sought help from King Hussein of Jordan to mediate the problems. In July Saddam met with U. On August 2,Iraq invaded Kuwait. The Iraqi military quickly overran and occupied all of Kuwait, and the ruling family fled the country.

He also appealed to Arab nationalism, claiming that Kuwait was part of Iraq, calling it the 19th province of Iraq.

Immediately after the invasion the United Nations UN passed Resolution condemning the invasion and demanding an immediate withdrawal. UN Resolution then imposed economic sanctions on Iraq.

Saudi Arabia was alarmed by the invasion and the mounting power of the Iraqi military, which was within striking distance of the vast Saudi Hama oil wells.

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The United States and the UN assembled a coalition force of 34 countries to implement this resolution by force should Iraq fail to comply. On January 12,the U. Congress narrowly approved the use of U. When Iraq failed to comply with the January 15 deadline, coalition forces initiated Operation Desert Storm on January 17,with a massive month-long air campaign against Baghdad and much of Iraq.

The air attacks, over 1, in number, disabled military and communication installations and severely weakened the Iraqi military and infrastructure.

Coalition forces launched a ground attack, Operation Desert Sabre, on February 24, ; they quickly overwhelmed the thinly stretched Iraqi forces, and after only hours President George H. Bush declared a cease-fire. Iraqi troops hastily retreated back across the border, setting Kuwaiti oil fields on fire as they withdrew.

This caused massive environmental damage that persisted into the 21st century. Iraqi troops also dumped approximately 1 million tons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf. The quick victory was a surprise, and the war ended sooner than predicted.

Kuwait City was recaptured, and on February 27,Kuwait was officially liberated and the Iraq-Kuwait border was restored. However, Saddam Hussein was not captured, and he remained in power. Allied forces did not pursue him and did not try to occupy Iraq, although they did advance to within miles of the capital of Baghdad.

President Bush justified this decision by noting that the goal of the coalition had been to liberate Kuwait. But Hussein ruthlessly repressed any uprisings. Thus the First Gulf War was a military success, succeeding in liberating Kuwait, but it did not change the Iraqi regime. Consequently the United States, Great Britain, and a small number of other nations moved to oust Hussein and occupy Iraq in the Bibliography:CIVIL WAR - Gettysburg Nov 19, Full text of Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln).

Summary of first gulf war essay

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Summary of first gulf war essay

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