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Like surviving in a tropical jungle, to an extent you must give yourself over to the environment, rather than trying to fight it. One problem that you will see very early on is the issue of estimating work accurately in Agile projects.

Technical writing blogs

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He also issued a challenge to write about our typical days at work. But in the meantime, for this article, I want to take a moment to address the best and worst days. In terms of the best days, however, that requires a little more thought.

One of my tasks was to maintain an inventory of the servers in our data centers.

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For a long time, this was a tediously manual task. I went through our data centers with a clipboard, checking to see what servers were in each rack, noting any changes and adding new servers and racks that I found. I drew a map of each room in Visioeven going as far as to count the floor tiles so that I could draw them to scale.

Included with the maps was a listing of servers within each rack. I maintained the Visio file on my PC, making sure it was backed up to a departmental file server, and keeping hardcopies in each server room as a reference for various IT workers.

Because this was a manual process, the maps were never completely accurate — I have no doubt that new servers were continually added in-between map updates — and it was a tedious process.

I discovered that all our servers included a product called Insight Manager. Among other things, it included the ability to collect server BIOS information and store it in a format suitable for importing into a database such as SQL Server.

Using the Insight Manager data structure as a template, I set up a SQL Server database on one of our departmental servers and created a system that enabled it to import data from any server on demand through Insight Manager.

Technical writing blogs

I now had a central database with server data that could be updated at any given time! I was responsible for maintaining a departmental intranet site; although it was an internal intranet, I treated it as though it was a full-blown web site. I created a web site to display the server data stored in my back-end.

I took my Visio server room maps and created image files from them. From the image files, I created image maps that enabled a user to click a server rack on the map, drilling down to a list of servers in that rack. Clicking on a server displayed data for that server — serial numbers, IP addresses, applications, and so on.

My server inventory system, which I previously had to update manually, was now automated! This project was a major milestone for my career. It was my first significant foray into SQL Server.Mar 05,  · Technical writing, a form of technical communication, is a style of writing used in fields as diverse as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, the aerospace industry, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology.

Content writing is not rocket science although there is a method to it. The idea is to create something of interest that continues to attract attention.

Prompt. For this assignment you are going to Google yourself. Simply go to and enter your name in the search bar. Try searching different variations of your names or nicknames that you may use. Technical Writing is a unique and diverse field, which integrates itself in the field of all latest technologies on the face of the Earth. It is a creative and artistic field where one can expertise himself in all the cutting edge technologies and thus, having an edge over other professional career options. Conditional text is one of those writing tactics technical writers love to talk about but never seem to use. It’s a shame as conditional tagging can save you a lot of time, especially if you have technical documents which share 90% of the content but the other 10% needs to be tweaked for each release.

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In Part III, Technical Writing Insurgency, we’ll cover the business advantages of being a clairvoyant, how to read a programmer’s mind and leveraging Jira and Confluence for documentation. This is part two of a three part agile technical writing blog series: Agile Technical Writing – Part I | Agile Technical Writing – Part III.

I’ve been thinking lately about whether it still makes sense to write technical books.

Technical writing blogs

Years ago, I had a contract to write a book for Cisco Press.

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