The 2008 olympics impact on china

As PRC Premier Wen Jiabao noted on April 24 this year, the Beijing Olympics present an opportunity for China to show the world how "democratic, open, civilized, friendly, and harmonious" it is. Quick Glance After winning its bid to host the Olympic Games, China launched a massive seven-year effort to prepare for the event. The huge inflows of investment to support the Olympics and recreate Beijing have had an important ripple effect on economic growth.

The 2008 olympics impact on china

Home News and views News Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Social impact of the Olympic Games on China Susan Brownell reflects on the social implications of the Beijing Olympics for China and its society, how this affected relations with the western world and ways of thought by Susan Brownell Legal reforms as a result of the Olympics To date the only rigorous studies of the impact of Olympic Games have measured economic impact, and scholars do not really understand their social impact very well.

The most convincing evidence for social change would be changes in institutions. Critics of China's political system hoped that the Olympics would bring about political reforms, but there were no major changes in political institutions after the games. Legal reform was one of the Olympic legacies, particularly the tightening of intellectual property laws, and the law giving more freedom to foreign journalists.

Strengthening solidarity My own conclusion is that the Olympic Games do not necessarily have a significant direct social impact.

What happens is that they cause a large number of people to feel for one moment in time they are all members of one community — even if this moment is only shared through television. The power of that moment lies in its ability to strengthen solidarity and heighten awareness.

At a global level, the major impact of the games was to make the world feel closer to China, and make Chinese people feel they were part of the world. This made some people feel threatened by China, but on the whole it seems to have had a positive effect inside China by making relations with non-Chinese seem normal for the first time since the revolution of Call for government accountability Inside China, heightened national consciousness resulted in greater demands from the people for government accountability.

Global corporations salivate; 5 million people are displaced.

A corruption scandal erupted in the football administration five months after the Olympics. The two and a half years of the investigation and the court trials manifested a new level of transparency and rule of law.

Raising awareness about social issues The games raised public awareness about the environment and the treatment of the disabled.

While the air pollution in Beijing is hardly better than it was before the Olympics, everyone is now aware that there is a problem, and can remember that blue skies were achieved for the two weeks of the games. This has created a greater will to attack the problem.

The 2008 olympics impact on china

The Paralympics helped make people conscious of the obstacles faced by the disabled. Changing ways of thought The greatest impact of the Olympics may be on ways of thought. It may take some time for these changes to be expressed in concrete changes in social institutions. We can be sure that Chinese society will be changing rapidly in years to come, and certainly the Olympics made a contribution to this.The Olympics’ Impact on China USCBC on July 1, From new construction projects to attracting the spotlight, the Olympics will have a lasting effect on China.

Olympics will assist a number of companies to market to the Chinese population calorie-dense food and beverages as well as devices associated with reduced energy expenditure. 1 Lee M. Sands, “The Olympics’ Impact on China,” China Business Review, July-August Order Code RS August 6, China’s Economy and the Beijing Olympics Michael F.

Martin Analyst in Asian Trade and Finance Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division Summary China will host the Olympic Summer Games from August 8 to 24, From new construction projects to attracting the spotlight, the Olympics will have a lasting effect on China.

For the PRC leadership and most Chinese, the July 13, International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcement that Beijing would host the Olympic Games [ ]. The Impact of the Beijing Olympic Games on According to China Daily, the increase brought by Olympics-related investment only accounts for a small portion of economic development in Beijing.

Beijing's annual GDP . He chaired the panel on the international impact of the Beijing Olympics. America media’s ideological reading of China’s Olympic Games,” which was published in Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the New China().

The 2008 olympics impact on china

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