Thesis and political science

For Political Science students, this means that any research involving human subjects, such as interviews and questionnaires, requires UBC Ethics approval. For information on requirements for Behavioral Research Ethics Board approval, click here. Applications are extensive and are often returned with requests for revisions or further information, so please plan to submit the forms well ahead of planned research activities and trips.

Thesis and political science

Conflict and cooperation among governmental officials representing national, state, and local governments in the United States; changing roles of governments and new mechanisms for intergovernmental collaboration.

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This class will focus on the theoretical and empirical studies of individual and collective framing. Readings will be from journalism, sociology, psychology, and political science and will include both US-based and comparative studies. Assignments include participation in seminar discussion, short papers on readings, and substantial original research paper.

Application of theories and techniques of policy analysis and planning to current public problems for actual clients. Focus on design and execution of policy research, and interpretation and presentation of results.

The Psychology of Collective Politics. Explores the psychological underpinnings of collective politics from the perspective of both individuals and groups.

Political behaviors examined include deliberation, protest, nationalism, and intergroup conflict. Comparative Political Research and Analysis. The seminar introduces the beginning graduate student to the central issues and major developments in the field of comparative government and politics.

The Politics of Development and Change. The theories, concepts, and mechanisms of political change, with particular attention to processes of development and modernization in the new nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Political Economy of Multilevel Government.

The vertical distribution of governmental authority is changing around the world. Decision making, resources, and power are shifting downward to state and local governments and upward to supra-national bodies like the European Union, other regional or international organizations.

This course examines theories and empirical studies that explore the causes and consequences of these trends. Examines topics in the comparative political economy of Western Europe such as neocorporatism, postindustrialism, the politics of industrial relations, and the European community.

Political behavior of the public in cross-national or non-American settings. Political culture, belief systems, participation, protest, revolution, voting behavior, civic behavior, socialization, and media. A cross-national examination of functions, career patterns, role behavior, and relationships of bureaucratic elites within the context of national political systems.

Research on particular countries is emphasized. Political Transitions and Democratization in Comparative Perspective.

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Thesis and political science

In the Political Science and International Relations Department, a student must write a Senior Thesis to receive departmental honors. A thesis is an original research project that will. Order a custom Political science thesis or Political science dissertation at our professional dissertation/thesis writing service.

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