Thesis on learning objects and instructional design

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Thesis on learning objects and instructional design

Design of learning objects for concept learning in algebra: However, the effectiveness of developing conceptual understanding in the learner depends on conceptual model design, and there are often gaps between tools designed by researchers and teachers. The literature suggests the use of multimedia learning principles in the design of instructional material.

However, recommendations on the application of multimedia learning principles are scarce. Further, these principles may not be sufficient in designing conceptual models for concept learning in mathematics, especially when requiring high order thinking skills.

The present study addresses this by extending upon existing theoretical work on two conceptual model design approaches of — those using multimedia learning design principles and instructional approaches.

To validate the applicability of these two approaches, this study adopted an experimental design with semi-structured interviews that investigated the effects of an instructional approach, and included two teaching techniques — a variation theory, and b representations of subject matter — in the context of designing conceptual models for secondary school algebra concept learning.

The experimental model was designed and developed in a redesign development cycle. The model was tested and trialed in the classroom with 68 students involved, then redesigned according to their responses and comments.

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After two models were developed for the experimental and control groups, two groups comprising a total of 70 secondary school senior form students participated in the experiment. The results of pre and post testing showed that the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group in algebra learning achievement as demonstrated in conceptual and procedural knowledge performance.

The results also showed that only the experimental design with the addition of the instructional approach resulted in the students developing high order mathematical thinking skills of conceptual knowledge and improved procedural knowledge.

Further analysis revealed that prior knowledge predicted the performance level in conceptual knowledge associated with low order thinking skills; the model design predicted the performance level in conceptual knowledge associated with high order thinking skills; and there was no interaction of prior knowledge and model design.

Analysis of interview data revealed that if multimedia learning principles were applied, concept learning was simplified when the information was presented by the instructional approach.

Thesis on learning objects and instructional design

The results implicate that use of the instructional approach can reduce extraneous processing by requiring less recall process, and can foster generative processing by encouraging comparing learning contents and building relationships among audio and visual representations.

Using the instructional approach and multimedia learning in the design of the conceptual model can reduce the risk of cognitive overload and engaging cognitive processing. Finally, limitations of this study and recommendations for future research were suggested.PhD Candidate Name Agaba Joab Ezra Registration Number /HD05/U Programme PhD in Information Technology Thesis Title Improving Reusability in Instructional Design: Adaptation of Learning Objects.

· The instructional design model based on learning objects may be the opportunity for Instructional Designers to provide learning objects with the vitality and importance they deserve within the contemporary educational Monday, August 20, Getting Started in Instructional Design Many readers find their way to this blog because they are interested in learning more about instructional design.

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Ill share with you what I know and point you in the direction of some great resources where you can learn even For a learning object (LO) to have instructional impact, it must embody explicit planning for learning, intentional instructional design (ID).

Solid ID is a critical part of reusable LO design (Longmire, ; Wiley, ; Douglas, ; and Sosteric and Hesemeier, )  · Instructional Design (also called Instructional Systems Design (ISD)) is the framework in which teachers will carry out the planned teaching and learning steps in Instructional Design (also called Instructional Systems Design (ISD)) is the practice of maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of instruction and other learning experiences.

The process consists broadly of determining the current state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some "intervention

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