Victorias secret market segmentation

Public imaging is very important for a company, it is the power point which also falls into the hands of advertisement. Public appearance in addition to coupons for saving on promotional items will increase sales drastically. Coupons and promotions can be advertised online and on popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. These savings that Victoria Secret offer will attract the eye of young buyers, adults, both with any taste by having actresses and models from places well known such movies, TV shows, Import Tuner magazine, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, In Style and their own catalog put out promotions such as now.

Victorias secret market segmentation

They are known for their higher priced, sexy, and sometimes promiscuous clothing.

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The baby clothing line, entitled Baby Secret, would have various types of infant and toddler clothing, and would be classic and simple, yet fashion-forward. From these findings, a rationale was built which helped form a new target segment, examples of possibly baby products, and recommendations of company changes in strategy and tactics.

It is the largest segment of publicly traded limited brands with sales above five billion dollars. The show is all about elaborate costumed lingerie, music, and a set design according to the different themes running within the show.

The show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers FragranceX, This brand sells age appropriate underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, beauty products, and accessories. Their lifestyles vary from person to person, but many are married or dating, employed, and have children Morris, Baby Secret The goal of Baby Secret is to create new lifelong customers with our new line of clothing.

To do this they will remain manufacturing and distributing the Baby Secret products the same way they do business in every other aspect of the company. Striving to make consumers feel comfortable and create an environment that will welcome customers back time and time again.

Victoria Secret already has a huge name and well-organized company in the industry. It is important they remain held at high regards by their consumers. New Target Segment The new target market chosen for the Baby Secret clothing line are pregnant women, mothers, and young, trendy women.

It becomes one stop shopping for them. It will be stylish accessories and baby clothes. Initially moms dress their babies in cute clothing because the mom holds the baby. What the baby looks like reflects on person holding it.

Creating a sense of style for the mom to carry and show off, the Baby Secret line will be a huge hit. Short-term goals mostly include advertising. The costly part about this would be adding new pictures and fonts for the new baby line. More money would have to be thrown in to the project because it is a new line, and new idea.

The long-term goals are pretty simple. The focus group was comprised of 6 volunteers who were both female and in the college. The focus group was a diverse group of young women from all different heritages and backgrounds. The women were all between the ages ofand ranged from freshman to seniors at Towson University.

They were all of different races from Caucasian to Hispanic, as well as, Christians and Jews. The focus group was started with a brief introduction and explanation of what a focus group is, and why we all were here.

After everyone was settled in their seats, and looked more at ease, the questioning began. The next question asked their attitude about Victoria Secret as a brand. The consensus was that it was expensive; however, it was thought that it does last longer than other brands.

Victorias secret market segmentation

It was also noted that the sizing of the clothes was split between very good sizing and sometimes bad sizing depending on the product line. It was recommended that you get fitted when you go into the store and try on anything before you buy it, to avoid inconvenient return lines.

All of the girls explained they liked the PINK brand because it was trendy and comfortable. The question was then proposed to find out if they would buy PINK brand baby clothes. All of the interviewees seemed very interested; however, they did have some stipulations on what would make them actually purchase.

Analysis of the Chosen Market Segment The chosen market segment is to pregnant and young mothers, and young trendy women.

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Pregnant women and young mothers are being targeted because they are younger and trendy themselves, and have children that would wear the baby clothing line.

Young women are also being targeted to include those that have a family member or friend who has a little girl and wants to get them something new and trendy. The common consumption behaviors and lifestyle of the chosen market segments are designed for trendy pregnant women and young women.

While in the store they would see 9 this baby clothing line and be able to pick up a few items while they are there for themselves.

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All women who have a baby girl or have a family member or friend having a baby girl always want to have their baby look and feel the best.

There is sometimes an internal competition with mothers because they want their children to be in the newest fashions and convey a sense of status.The goal of the marketing strategy for Victoria's Secret (later, VS) is to support VS brand positioning in a consistent manner and further build the brand in a way that is relevant to consumers.

Victorias secret market segmentation

Market segmentation is the division of market into small segments in order to make marketing easier and avoid the waste of resources. Segmentation helps the company to know their target customer before making a decision to market their products. The company controls a whopping 35% of the lingerie market— a remarkable feat for a specialty retail brand.

Several retailers — from teen powerhouse American Eagle, to start-ups like AdoreMe. Victoria's Secret, a subsidiary of Limited Brands (NYSE: LB) is one of the world's most recognized brands and the largest and most successful retailer of lingerie and related products in America.

Jul 03,  · Victoria’s Secret consists of Victoria’s Secret PINK, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, and Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret Direct, their combination of catalogue and, generates an annual revenue of $1,,, 6 content marketing lessons from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; 6 content marketing lessons from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Written by Arienne Holland and published December 4th, If you invested in a $ million bra, you’d want the world to see it. Preferably on a supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosio.

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